We make it our mission to understand your business, what’s important to your customers and why, and translate this into innovative and effective online marketing targeted at your specific audience.



North Down Media offer a range of solutions that can seamlessly combine your responsive online website with call-optimised paid search, SEO and social media marketing. Our diverse product range covers everything companies need to grow their business online. We have extensive experience in online marketing for local business, and we know how to bring them success. 
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Search Engine Optimization 

The importance of Google and other major search engines is unquestionable. However, doing all the right things to get top search results is a complicated task for the uninitiated. That’s why we take the guesswork out of the equation.

We use proven, legitimate techniques to guarantee exposure for your client's business. In a world driven by impulse, there’s no better way to capture curiosity and secure new leads than by properly navigating search engine result pages.

Our Website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

The websites built by North Down Media enable easy SEO (search engine optimization). We set all the relevant page descriptions, domain names, alt tags and more so visitors find your sites quickly and easily.

Mobile-Friendly Design

We optimise images and text to comply with Google standards for mobile-friendliness.

Page Titles

We control the title of each page for optimal search engine visibility.

Keywords & Descriptions

We set keywords and descriptions for an entire site, and for every page individually.

Customised Page URLs

Customised URLs for each page on a site improve search engine visibility and inform users of what page they are on.

Alt Tags on Images

Improve the ability of search engines to discover images on a website through tags.

301 Redirects

Redirecting one URL to another helps maintain strong SEO when switching from an old site to a new one.


A sitemap is  generated for each site, and informs search engines which pages they should crawl.

Vary: user-agent

Vary: user-agent informs search engines that users will receive different content depending on their device type.
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Social media

We help businesses kick-start the social conversation.
Social media is a powerful way to gain new customers and engage loyal ones. 
We give the process a running start by setting up a business profile on Facebook and any other social networks that matter to your business. As with websites, we make sure all social sites feature rich content and a steady stream of engaging, authentic posts that encourage conversation and sharing. Last but not least, we help you build a loyal base of followers using special offers and contests that reward people who join their networks.
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Pay Per Click

We make paid search simple.
Mastering Google is no simple matter. That’s why we've assembled the technology, expertise and passionate people to help turn digital window shoppers into customers using proven methods. From keyword selection to landing pages and ad copy, we make sure each advertiser's search campaign is optimized to drive calls and emails.
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