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responsive web design
A multi-screen site refers to one website that is optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile. A common, but more technical, term for these kind of websites is “responsive.”

You only get one chance to make a first impression. A responsive website ensures you’ll be putting your best foot forward, no matter what device your customers are using to view your site.


Why choose a responsive website ?

Different Devices Doesnt Mean Different Customers

responsive mobile websites
  • The average person uses a combination of 3 different screens every day
  • 90% use multiple screens sequentially to accomplish a task over time
  • Smartphones are the most common starting place for online activities
  • PCs/laptops are most often a starting point for more complex activities
  • Tablets are most often a starting point for shopping and trip planning

A Responsive Website is SEO Gold

responsive websites
Google has declared that they prefer responsive web design over separate mobile and desktop websites.
One single URL makes it easier for Google to search a site for relevant content.
Responsive websites generally rank much higher in search results.

Devices are diversifying and WEBSITES MUST ADAPT

mobile compared to desktop
Google has recently changed the way they rank websites in mobile searches. 
Unless your website passes their Mobile-Friendly Test, it won’t even show up.
Up to 60% of all internet searches are now made on mobile devices

Different devices means different customer needs. When visitors land on your site via mobile or a tablet, they don’t necessarily need all of the same information that’s on your desktop site.

It’s future-proof!

Our multi-screen websites are built using a framework that adapts to all device types. This means that no matter what someone is 
using to view your site, it will display perfectly. 

So in the future, as new devices, like TVs, watches and Google Glass, grow in web capabilities, your responsive site will still provide visitors with a fantastic user experience. 

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